3 Tips to put your baby to sleep

Oh motherhood! So perfect, so happy… so exhausting!

If you are like me, you may have lost count of the sleepless nights that you have spent taking care of your little one. In my case, I don’t mind waking up to feed the baby, change diaper or comfort him. The problem is getting the little munchkin back to sleep once the feeding/diaper/comfort routine is done!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the ability to put your baby to sleep in a couple of minutes? I have some tricks that work wonderfully with my little one and I’m sure they will work as well with other babies out there!

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Disclaimer: These tricks should be used in your sleeping routine right before baby’s nap time or right before bed time. If you try this in the middle of the day when the baby is completely awake they probably won’t work. You have been warned!


1.- The soft breeze

This is the trick that works best for my baby. Every time that I have to put my baby to sleep I hold him in my arms and walk or slowly dance around the room… So far nothing new, right? However, once I have him in my arms, if his eyes are wide open I gently blow into his face making him close his eyes. Please note that I just wrote “I GENTLY blow…“, so make sure that you are blowing softly. If your blow is rough you will get the opposite of what you are looking for and your baby will wake up.

As I mentioned, as soon as the baby feels the soft breeze in his eyes he will automatically close his eyes. You have to repeat this every time he opens his eyes. Since he is already tired, every time he closes his eyes it will be harder for him to open his eyes again so eventually his eyes will remain closed and he will fall asleep.

This trick works incredibly well with my little one and it usually takes me between 3-5 minutes to get him to sleep with this technique.


2.- The Eyebrows Stroke

Similar to the previous tip, the trick is to make the little one to close his eyes. With this technique I slowly stroke his eyebrows and also the space between the eyebrows. I usually caress his eyebrows sideways, gently moving my finger from the inside part of the eyebrow to the outside. Focusing on the space between the eyebrows, I stroke this area with the thumb in a downward motion.

This technique is infallible! Baby is relaxed in a matter of seconds because this technique not only makes them close their eyes but it also comforts them!

The Eyebrows Stroke

3.- The Ticklish Tissue

This technique doesn’t work for my baby as well as the previous ones but I have used it sometimes and I still recommend it.

In this case we use a soft and breathable tissue to caress the baby’s face. In a downward motion, gently pass the tissue through his face. If has to be in a very soft and subtle way, almost ticklish and always making sure that your baby is breathing properly.

Please NEVER rub his face with the tissue and be VERY CAREFUL, there has to be air between the tissue and the baby’s face so that baby is always breathing perfectly. I’m attaching a youtube video below that shows how to easily perform this technique.

What other sleeping tricks have you used with your little ones? Please share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below!



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