MomGiggles #1 – The unexpected “peekaboo”

Parenting is not only about sleepless nights, nappies, feeding and raising our children, it’s also about having fun. Actually one of the perks of being a parent is having tons of funny anecdotes to share with friends and family and, in my case, to share in my blog. For this reason, I’m going to start a new series called “MomGiggles” where I will share some funny anecdotes of being a first-time-mom. If I’m able to make you giggle a bit then all the embarrassment of sharing my “oops!” moments will be worth it. Hope you enjoy it!

The Unexpected “Peekaboo”

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started going to the Baby Rhyme Time sessions in the Calgary library where a group of moms get together to learn how to sing baby rhymes, songs and stories.

When the instructor called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that there was a spot available for my little munchkin and me (we were on the waiting list) one of the things she mentioned was to dress comfortably because we would not only sing but also dance holding our babies.

Taking into consideration that I still haven’t completely lost my pregnancy weight, not many of my clothes fit so I don’t have that many options to choose. Just to give you a little bit of background, I’ve been wearing the same two pairs of Lulu’s (sweatpants) since I gave birth. To be honest I have some other outfits that I could wear but I feel as tight as a sausage so I always end up wearing the Lulu’s instead. These two pairs of pants are the only ones that fit properly so I’ve been just switching them constantly. I basically wash one while wearing the other…. So fancy, eh! Long story short I ended up just taking one of my Lulu sweatpants and a t-shirt and I drove to the library with my little one.

As soon as I got there I could check by myself that a comfy outfit was definitely necessary: 80% of the time we were sitting on the floor but we also had to stand up, swing baby in our arms or dance with them depending on the song… When we were sitting on the floor in the circle we would be crossing our legs in a butterfly pose (I talk like a yogi, ha!) and then we would have our baby sitting on top of us or laying on a blanket…

oopseditedWhy am I telling you all this you may ask? Well, when you have been wearing exclusively the same two pairs of Lulu’s for almost four months, it doesn’t matter how good they are, they will end up wearing down and tearing… Now you know where I’m heading with the story!!! Yes, my friend, while singing the peekaboo song to the babies I felt that there was something wrong with my pants and when I looked down to my lady-parts area I saw a huge hole!!!!! OMG that was embarrassing! I had been half the class with a huge hole in my pants, singing and dancing and I had not noticed it until then!

My first reaction? Check the faces of the mamas sitting in front of me and try to figure out if they had seen my other version of “peekaboo” down there! Fortunately everybody seemed to be just so focused on their babies that I believe no one noticed… That or they are so damn polite that no one laughed or made any funny faces at the look of my exposed panties!

The rest of the class I just took my little one and sat him on top of my legs all the time so that no one could see the hole any more. I would have never thought that at only 4 months of age my baby would help me get out of an embarrassing situation like this one!!!

Conclusion… I have to lose the pregnancy weight right away or I have to buy a new pair of Lulu’s!! …. that is, I have to go to the mall tomorrow! LOL

Have you ever had an embarrassing situation similar to this one before? Share it with us in the comments section below!



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