September Project – Nursery – Part 2: The Popcorn fiasco

As I described in my previous September Project post (the plan), the first step in the Nursery project was to repaint the popcorn ceiling in white as well as painting all the walls in a cream color. By doing that we would no longer have a “half-painted” room with some walls painted in purple and others painted in cream. We would also cover some stains and patches from the previous owner.

In order for me to paint the popcorn ceiling, I purchased a gallon of white flat paint with primer (I used CIL Duo since it is good quality paint for an affordable price) and a special roller for textured surfaces such as popcorn ceiling. For the walls I got a gallon of cream color CIL Duo paint in eggshell finish (if you are interested in using the exact same color just send me an email or leave a question in the comments section and I’ll look for the color code for you). Obviously, before I started painting I protected the room baseboard, carpet, wardrobe, lamp, door and window with a big plastic roll and masking tape. You don’t want to ruin anything in the room, specially the carpets!

Everything was ready and this step seemed to be a piece of cake… But nothing further from reality! Painting the popcorn ceiling was an absolute disaster! As soon as I started passing the roller full of paint over the popcorn ceiling, all the popcorn started to fall apart and it ended up stuck to my paint roller instead! I was devastated, what an awful kick-start for the September project!

My husband pulled the infamous “I told you so” words (because he had actually told me that I should not mess with┬áthe popcorn ceiling) but how I was supposed to know that popcorn ceilings in North America are different that popcorn ceilings in Spain!?!? Yes, surprisingly enough the method they use to do a popcorn ceiling in Spain is different from the one they use here in Canada. In Spain you can paint a popcorn ceiling because it cannot be removed just by spraying water and scratching the surface and in Canada is as simple as that!

So I learned my lesson the tough way (damn you popcorn ceiling!!) but I had a bigger problem to solve since I had partially removed the popcorn from one of the corners… At this point I had two options: I could either call a painter to redo the popcorn ceiling (with the associated costs) or I could remove all the popcorn and turn it into a completely flat ceiling. I had never removed popcorn from a ceiling before and this time I was not going to do the same mistake again by making stupid assumptions so I had a good chat with my husband and we decided that he was going to remove the popcorn himself and paint the walls and then I would take the project from there.

So this is what we did and here you have a couple of pictures of my husband “cleaning up” the huge mess that I made… We have decided to jokingly call it the popcorn fiasco!

I hope that the next steps are uneventful or at least are not such a big disappointment! Next pit-stop: To paint the grey and turquoise pattern in the lower part of the walls…

Have you ever had a similar project fiasco before? Share your anecdote in the comments section below!


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