September Project – Nursery – Part 1: The Plan

For those of you that still don’t know me, I’m a person that loves staying busy, extremely busy sometimes, so I have a never-ending list of pending/future projects that I work on over time on top of my 24×7 mommy job with my 3-month old baby and my full time job at the office (although I’m currently on maternity leave). Don’t get me wrong, I can also enjoy a good lazy weekend but it’s not usually my style 🙂

Having said that, I am starting today a new Category within the Blog: DIY and Projects where I will share my crafts, home projects and ideas with all of you or you can also visit my Pinterest and check my pins!

One of the objectives of September is to finish little munchkin’s nursery. I know… he’s three months old already and I haven’t finished his nursery yet… Shame on me! But believe me, the past 4 to 5 months have been completely hectic with us buying a house very close to my due date… Yes, we are crazy going through a move with a newborn baby and no, I don’t regret it a bit because everything worked out perfectly in the end.

This is the look of the room in our new house that we have decided to turn into the nursery:

As you can see, we have half the walls painted in a cream color and the other half painted in a light purple that I definitely want to get rid of. In the third picture above, you can observe that the previous owners didn’t do a very good job at painting and some corners of the window, door and wardrobe will have to be repainted as well as some sockets will have to be replaced. But let’s not get ahead of us and let’s focus on planning the changes I want to do in the room and the websites/pins in which I’ve found some of the inspiration.


  • Repaint popcorn ceiling in white (it has some big paint stains that I want to cover)
  • Repaint all the walls in the cream color, homogenizing the color and covering the stains and paint patches.
  • Paint a pattern in grey and turquoise in the lower part of all the walls (except the main one): I found the inspiration in this post, this one and finally this pin. I really like the combination of aqua/turquoise and grey for a baby boy’s nursery.  In my case, I want the stripe to be in the lower part of the room instead of the upper part of the room and I want to keep the cream color in the upper part of the room.
  • Craft a wooden decal with little munchkin’s name. I have found a DIY post in pinterest that shows how to do it and it doesn’t seem difficult at all (we will see…).
  • Draw a mural in the main wall and color it. I would like something similar to this pin or this one. I will just draw the tree and some monkeys because I already have a wall decal with other animals (lion, elephant, birds, etc.) that I got for my baby shower (thanks again to my friends!).
  • Paint the mural
  • Paint, ensemble some Ikea furniture that I will use in the nursery room as shelves for books and toys. Here you have the books shelf inspiration and here the toys one.

Well, now that we have depicted a plan to remodel that room and turn it into my little munchkin’s nursery, let’s get our hands dirty! See you in the next post!

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