The funny behavior of my 4-month old baby – MomGiggles #2

The funny behavior of my 4-month old baby

Today I was quietly watching my 4-month old baby and he made me chuckle quite a few times. Watching our babies evolve and master their new skills not only make us feel proud about their incessant development but also make us enjoy and laugh with their behavior. I guess that being a first-time-mom makes me sigh at every single thing that he does but I can’t help but giggle with some of his funny actions or the way he reacts at certain things. Here is a list with the 5 things that make me cackle every single time:

1.- The scolding behavior

One of the skills that he has recently developed is cooing and babbling. He loves listening to his own voice and he can go on for quite a long time. However, he doesn’t like to have a monologue but he wants me to interact with him and respond as if we were having a conversation.

One may think that this is super cute (and it is quite amusing indeed!) but this conversation is not always a smooth chat between the two of us… No, no… if I dare to do something that he doesn’t like, such as putting him to do some tummy time, he will scold me and clearly show me that he is not happy at all! He will use a tone of voice full of intention and will start whining and grunting at me. He will even kick and stamp his feet to emphasize how mad he is at me!

2.- The shrieking baby

In addition to his ability to “talk” and scold me, one of the things that he also does lately is to shriek and yell every time that he wants to get my attention. He will be calmly cooing and suddenly, if he realizes that I’m not 100% focused on him, he will scream with a high-pitch shriek in order for me to stop doing whatever I’m doing and put my 5 senses towards him. I have checked that if I don’t pay attention to him right away he will repeatedly shriek and squeal until I do focus on him. The squealing is even worse if I’m having a conversation with someone else. He is hilarious!

3.- The soother toss

The little one is also in the phase in which he has learned how to grab things. Now his latest skill (and obsession) is to slowly grab his pacifier from his mouth and toss it away (shockingly far away!) with a jerky movement. The funny thing about this is that as soon as he realizes that he doesn’t have the soother anymore he gets really upset and starts crying! He usually looks at me with frustration like “mommy, what happened to my binky?”

Mommy, what happened to my binky?

4.- The soother launch

A variation of “the soother toss” is the soother launch. In this case, when he seems to be calmly sucking at his soother and about to fall asleep and you think that it is safe to take it out of the clipper, he will look at you, spot the dirtiest area in the floor and spit it out violently!  Then, of course, you turn into an improvised baseball catcher whose job is to try to catch it in the air and avoid that it touches the floor! By the way, finding the dirtiest spot is not hard at all because since baby was born basically everything is pretty much dirty in our house!

5.- The squirmy octopus

I have always considered myself to be really lucky because I have a pretty calm baby. He doesn’t fuss much (unless he is hungry, which is his Aquiles heel) and he usually stays wherever I put him in his chair, quietly observing the stuff around him. Nevertheless, every time that it is diaper change time, he flips 180 degrees! It’s like night and day!

As soon as I lay him down in the changing table he will start kicking, punching and showing all his jerky movements repertoire. Changing diapers feels like wrestling a highly caffeinated octopus! Click To Tweet.

He will sometimes make it so difficult for me that I end up laughing, losing my focus and a task that should take me just a couple of minutes takes me way longer! ….I guess I’m at least having a good laugh with him!

Is your little one showing any funny behavior despite being really young? Share it with us in the comments section!



    • Congratulations for your 9 month old baby, Marie! Babies at this age are funny indeed! And they grow up so fast that there’s some new trick everyday!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

    • Anytime Jen! I’m actually enjoying your linky party a lot. I’ve had the chance to make some blogger friends and I’ve read quite a few interesting posts there.
      Thanks for dropping by and see you next week again! 🙂

    • WebMDiva thanks so much for dropping by! I have seen that you are following me on Twitter and I’m following you back. Happy to connect!
      Babies are definitely a bundle of joy! I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying with my little one so I wish you all the best with your grandson too!

  1. Yes! Baba was about the same when he was months old. All those moments are so cute! Hope you filmed and pictured a lot. Remember, soon he will be a spotty teen who won’t want to talk to you lol #FamilyFun.

    • You are absolutely right!
      He loves my kisses and cuddles now so I have to take advantage of this before it changes!! Good news is that my iPhone is flooded with pictures and videos so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun sharing them with him when he gets a bit older.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    • Hi Karen!
      A wriggle bum is definitely a tough one while changing diaper! I don’t know how they do it! If I would move the same way I would have lost all my pregnancy weight by now! haha
      Thanks so much for hosting the #FamilyFun linky and for leaving a comment! I’ve had a lot of people visiting my post so I will definitely come back and link up next week!

    • Hi Lianne!
      My little one has recently started sucking his thumb too… and his whole fist! I thought that he was teething at first but now I just think that he simply enjoys it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope I see you around next week! #FamilyFun

  2. Oh they are so adorable aren’t they, I could sit and watch them all day. I have a two and one year old and watching them play and a,use thr selves and try and navigate through life is heartwarming and never fails to make me smile. Thank you so much for linking with us at #familyfun it’s always great to read new blogs. I hope you can come back next week xx

    • Hi Tammymum!
      Thanks so much for hosting the #FamilyFun linky and for stopping by at my blog!
      I have participated in other linkys before but this is by far the time that I’ve got more people visiting my blog! I will definitely come back next week.
      Thanks again! You both do an amazing job!

  3. Haha, I remember all of those type of developments. The soother-launch is a particularly good one. They really get some distance on them. I don’t understand how! You’ve got more amusement to come too I can assure you 🙂 #FamilyFun
    Angela Watling recently posted…Ditching the dummyMy Profile

    • Hi Angela! Thanks so much for your comment!
      The little one spit the soother out of his crib this morning. That’s a new record for him! haha
      I’m so looking forward to seeing what’s next in his development. Being a first-time-mom turns all this into such an adventure for me!
      Take care and I’ll see you around in #FamilyFun!

    • Time flies fast indeed! Every week there’s something new! I’m so looking forward for the future leaps though. Watching him grow and turning into a little person makes me feel so happy!
      Thanks for dropping by and for hosting the linky! I’m planning to come back every week! 🙂

  4. I’m an English teacher and teach child language acquisition to my A Level students. My two (and most others) went through this cooing/babbling/shrieking stage and I made little recordings of them to use in class to show stages of development. My students thought it was hilarious but, like you, they weren’t on the end of a scolding every time they tried to do something else haha.

    • That’s really interesting David! I recently read that babies babble differently depending on the language that they listen from their parents. I speak Spanish to my little one and I noticed that his babbling is different from other babies in Canada. I don’t know if that is just a coincidence but language acquisition is definitely fascinating!
      Thanks for dropping by!

    • It is unbelievable all the things they can do being just a few months old! I discover something new everyday! Yesterday he noticed his feet for the first time and now he is fascinated with them! He grabs them, stares at them and sometimes even tries to put them in his mouth! haha!

    • My baby is getting louder by the minute and that got me thinking that maybe I’m way too loud and he is just copying me! haha!
      I have to admit that I love when he scolds me though… I can’t stop laughing!

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