Prenatal Classes in Calgary – Part 1 (Free Classes)

Prenatal Classes in Calgary

One of the best decisions that I made during my pregnancy was to attend to prenatal classes. I have a lot of friends that believe that they are expensive and therefore a waste of time and money. However, luckily in Alberta we have some free classes for first time parents so you can try them without paying a dime!

The online website for the classes can be found here. As you can see there, in Alberta (and more specifically in Calgary) there are plenty of classes available related to Pregnancy, Childbirth, Preparing for your new baby, classes for toddlers, etc. In this series of posts (two in total) I will talk a bit about the classes that I personally attended and I will give you my honest opinion about whether they are worth it or not. **Please note that this is not an affiliate post. I don’t get a penny if you register to any of these courses. This is just me sharing my opinion and hoping to help some first-time-moms or moms-to-be in their pregnancy journey :)

In this first post (part 1), I will start talking about the free classes (which are the ones that I attended first). In Calgary you have two different free classes available:

  • Early Pregnancy – In this 2-hour course they will provide you with a good overview about the different phases in your pregnancy (changes that you will see in your body, what to expect in each trimester, etc.), the list of DOs and DONTs related to pregnancy, recommendations in order to have a healthy pregnancy and information about the first steps that you have to follow once you know you are pregnant, among others.In addition, they will provide you with a paper copy of the “Pregnancy and Birth” guide and the “Early years” baby and toddler care guide. Those are very valuable manuals that I recommend you to read (follow the links to the pdf version). In addition, if you’d rather get the information online, you can also find the online “Healthy parents, healthy children” resource here and other online pregnancy resources here. This is definitely a class that is worth your time and it’s completely free so why wouldn’t you go?Alberta Pregnancy Resources
  • Healthy Eating for Pregnancy – This is another 2-hour course in which you will receive information about the recommended eating habits that you should consider while being pregnant as well as the food/beverages that you should eliminate (or reduce) from your diet. This one is very specific and can get a bit dense when they start getting into too much detail about iron, omega-3s, etc. However, it is ideal for you to get a general overview and to have the option to ask specific questions. I don’t know about you, but I had tons of questions about what I could and couldn’t eat when I was pregnant so having this session with a nutritionist helped me get them all answered just in one evening!

Healthy Eating for Pregnancy

I don’t want to finish the post without mentioning that it is very important that you attend the free classes that you sign up for. The number of people allowed to go to every class is usually limited so if you don’t show up the organizers may decide to ban you for any other future course within the “birthandbabies” program. You have been warned! 🙂

If you want more information about prenatal classes, read the second post in this series.

Have you attended other prenatal courses and want to share your experience? Write a comment in the section below!







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