About Me

Mom and MunchkinHi there!

My name is Estefania and I’m a 34-years old first-time-mom living in Calgary (Canada). I have the most beautiful baby boy in Earth (I guess you have never heard that from a first-time-mom!) and an amazing husband that I deeply love (but drives me crazy sometimes!) 😀

As you may know already, I’m from Spain but I have been living in Calgary for almost 5 years now. As every foreign person living in a different country, I’m continuously learning (and sometimes struggling with) the language, the culture, the traditions, etc. but I’m enjoying every piece of this journey and I would love to share my experience with all of you.

If pregnancy, labor and motherhood is usually a whole mystery for first-time-moms, imaging adding “being a foreigner” to the equation…. So I’m hoping that this blog will help out mothers and mothers-to-be that are going through the same learning experience and share some tips, tricks and laughs (lots of laughs) along the way!

If you are looking for a perfect mom that will bake reindeer shaped cookies at 5am in the morning this is not your blog, but if you are looking for an imperfect but fun mom that will make you laugh, cry and learn a couple of tricks then you are more than welcomed to join me in this crazy journey! I would love to have you as my new companion in this new adventure called maternity.


The Spanish Mom